Environmentally responsible designers increasingly reusing lighting

With responsible sourcing and sustainability high on designers’ priorities Dernier & Hamlyn’s bespoke lighting restoration service is a practical, cost-effective and fitting solution to a range of relevant issues.

While designers can take steps to ensure materials are obtained and processed ethically and with due regard to their effect on the environment by the way that they are sourced and transported, in many instances, a more effective way of producing bespoke lighting appropriate to the setting is to re-use existing fittings.

This approach can be utilised across a wide scope of settings in both contemporary and historic buildings. Some designers choose to just update lighting technology and undertake required repairs while others completely re-purpose existing elements in a new way so that the lighting design narrative takes inspiration from the past with new emphasis and influences.

Dernier & Hamlyn’s Head of Design Mark Harper says: “We have always offered a restoration service, however how designers are viewing it is starting to change. In the past it was usually conservation architects or designers working on heritage schemes that came to us with lighting restoration projects. Increasingly people are now appreciating that talking to us about repurposing all sorts of fittings can be an important part of their contribution to building a circular and more sustainable economy.”

Bespoke lighting projects that Dernier & Hamlyn’s restoration team have worked on include hotels such as Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square, The Standard, London, The Berkeley, Kimpton Fitzroy, London as well as Annabel’s, Fairfield Hall,  Brasserie Zedel, Fortnum & Mason, Derry Guildhall and City Varieties Music Hall.

Expanding our studio capabilities to meet designers’ needs

3d printing has been added to Dernier & Hamlyn’s studio services as part of its continued investment in the latest technology to provide the best service to its designer clients.

Although newly installed, it is already being used extensively to produce patterns, prototypes and elements of light fittings.

Dernier & Hamlyn’s Head of Design Mark Harper says: “We have used externally produced 3d printing as part of what we offer our clients for some time. Having this facility within our own studio means we can provide a much more flexible and fast service which is key to our focus on quality and high levels of customer service.”

Our design and manufacturing expertise strengthened

Dernier & Hamlyn is expanding with new people joining the team, investment in technology, upgraded facilities and the launch of new services.

The latest appointment is Mark Harper who has joined Dernier & Hamlyn as Head of Design. He has worked for Dernier & Hamlyn previously, primarily hand drawing designs to meet the challenges of clients’ proposals. In his new role he will lead on developing client relationships to ensure that the team meet designers’ and their clients’ requirements. These include incorporating ever changing lighting gear, finding workable solutions to technically demanding designs, accommodating energy saving lighting and working with the diverse range of materials that some clients now want to use in their bespoke lighting.

Mark said: “It is great to be back at Dernier & Hamlyn in vastly better premises, with a team that is firmly focussed on delivering the best of what the company is known for and enhancing this with new services to our clients such as our in-house design studio with the latest software and 3d printing for fast prototyping. This new approach means that designers will be in closer contact with the people who actually design and manufacture their bespoke lighting which will reduce delivery timescales and potential costs.”

Eugene Kudrjavcev has also joined the team as a Production Engineer.  His varied metalworking skills are utilised across a wide range of the company’s bespoke lighting projects. He has professional qualifications in welding technologies and previously worked in production roles for several UK-based high-end lighting manufacturers.

Head of Production Mark Pye said: “Eugene is a great addition to Dernier & Hamlyn. He is a real craftsman with a passion for detail.”

We’re members of Made In Britain

Dernier & Hamlyn has joined Made In Britain, the organisation that brings together the British manufacturing community, united with the use of the registered collective mark.

With a heritage for bespoke lighting design, manufacture and restoration that goes back to 1888, we are proud of our part in British history and being accredited by Made in Britain recognise as us one of its best manufacturers.

Michael Mulhall, director of sales said: “Joining Made in Britain means that Dernier & Hamlyn is recognised as one of Britain’s best manufacturers and we will proudly be telling clients old and new that we are members of the organisation.”

Updated and improved under new ownership

Dernier & Hamlyn has moved to new, premium premises in Chessington that incorporate a state-of-the-art studio where clients can work with the company’s design team to progress their lighting designs from concept to reality.

Significant investment is also being made in manufacturing and finishing capabilities including the latest technology and 3d printing, to ensure that the company’s reputation for the highest quality lighting is maintained and improved.

Experienced experts who previously worked for Dernier & Hamlyn are still part of the team including Head of Production Mark Pye, project manager Lyn Newcombe and Design Manager Adam Coare. Strategic and operational management of the company will be greatly enhanced with the appointment of Michael Mulhall as Director of Sales. Michael was previously head of major projects for Dernier & Hamlyn’s new owners NVC UK where he oversaw large lighting programmes for hospitality and luxury residential clients.

Michael says: “We were attracted to Dernier & Hamlyn by the strength of its brand and reputation in the lighting industry. Feedback from our research with designers and others has shown that the quality of the products manufactured was second to none, but there have been frustrations in the past with lead times and flexibility of delivery.

“Dernier & Hamlyn will operate as a totally autonomous company, but one that is part of a global organisation which made sales of more than $600 million in 2019. This gives us access to varied technical, engineering and design resources that complement our own, backed by sound financial support from shareholders including Schneider Electric. We will continue to deliver the high- quality lighting that Dernier & Hamlyn has always excelled in, but in ways that meet the needs of designers and clients in today’s markets.”

NVC picks up the Dernier & Hamlyn gauntlet

Dernier & Hamlyn has been purchased by West-Midlands based NVC Lighting. NVC has been operating in the UK since 2007 and provides a wide range of lighting products complementary to Dernier & Hamlyn’s custom-made fittings.

The company is in the early stages of planning an exciting way forward, which looks set to make it the most diverse lighting supplier in the UK with the ability to meet the needs of varied clients from one off ultra-high-end through medium level decorative to volume contract lighting.

NVC’s chief executive Joe Clark said: “We feel a tremendous responsibility taking on D&H, which is such a well-respected brand in the lighting industry with a tremendous heritage. However, we believe we are the right people to progress it to the next level and to ensure it flourishes now and into the future.”

Our history is part of our uniqueness

As a company that has been around since 1888, our history makes for fascinating reading. Our archive of materials, products and designs is extensive and often provides inspiration for interior designers’ lighting ideas. In addition, we have comprehensive records of our marketing materials of the past some of which are almost works of art. Take this lovely advert for a revolutionary lighting product of the time which appeared in Punch magazine in 1928. It was part of a multi-faceted marketing campaign to launch this new bedside light that included advertising in national newspapers, Country Life magazine and a large stand at the Ideal Home exhibition!

Our views in Interior Designer magazine

Our managing director, Jeremy Quantrill, has been in the lighting industry for more than 20 years. He recently discussed his experience of the creativity of designers and our capabilities with Interior Designer magazine. You can read the article here.