Brian Field

Assembly Technician

Brian started at Dernier & Hamlyn in 1984 and his work has seen him involved in projects to install bespoke lighting around the world. His current role is focussed on ensuring that all of the light fittings are quality assessed and assembled correctly so that they meet the latest regulations. His favourite part of his job is when he sees lighting he had a role in, hanging in historic and other buildings.

What is the best lighting project you have worked on and why?
We worked for three years refurbishing historic fittings and manufacturing new fittings for the Grade A listed Stormont Public Buildings in Belfast. It was a vast project that focussed on restoring Stormont to its former glory after a massive fire and involved our team working on almost 700 fittings. I felt very privileged to work on this wonderful building.

What is your favourite place?
Ireland. I have great memories of summer holidays there as a child, living there for two years and also working on some fantastic projects in Ireland too.

+44 (0)20 8760 0900