Mark Harper

Head of Design

Mark has previously worked for Dernier & Hamlyn and re-joined the team in 2021. In his new role he leads on developing client relationships to ensure that the team meet designers’ and their clients’ requirements. These include incorporating ever changing lighting gear, finding workable solutions to technically demanding designs, accommodating energy saving lighting and working with the diverse range of materials that some clients now want to use in their bespoke lighting.

What is the best lighting project you have worked on and why?
St Paul’s Cathedral with Spiers and Major. It cannot get better than being part of a team charged with designing and putting chandeliers into one of the world’s most recognised buildings. It was the first time that lighting had hung in the nave so the privilege of contributing to something so historically important was a great honour.

What is your favourite place?
For relaxation, there is no place that comes near to the Maldives for its sheer beauty and tranquility. For something more energetic, it would be hiking over the glaciers and volcanoes in Iceland in search of the wonderful Aurora Borealis. Sentimentally my favourite place would unquestionably be anywhere with my wonderful daughter.

+44 (0)7880 383437