Adam Coare

Design Manager

Adam joined Dernier & Hamlyn in 2004 as a CAD operator and as the technology that we use to develop bespoke lighting designs had evolved he has become an expert in a wide range of applications including PhotoShop, production of renders and 3d printing.

What is the best lighting project you have worked on and why?
The pendant for the Mandrake Hotel designed by Lara Bohinc. I was involved in all aspects from the initial concept, producing render images, 3D models and the working drawings to finally making it from a full-size drawing almost 8 metres long. It was a complex job but well worth the effort to see this fantastic piece in situ.

What is your favourite place?
Aruba was my first proper Caribbean holiday and it’s an amazing place! We explored the whole island in a day, although admittedly it is pretty tiny. We met lots of amazing people, did every excursion going and made sure that the 24hr bar was definitely open 24 hrs!
Closer to home it’s my local – having a laugh with friends and family.

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