Project of over 800 bespoke light fittings including 24 dazzling chandeliers – BOB BOB CITE

Dernier & Hamlyn was charged with the task of creating over 800 bespoke light fittings, including 24 dazzling chandeliers, to fill the restaurant BoB Bob Cite with light. Over 1,000 lightbulbs are required in total.

Almost eight miles of mirror-polished steel trim, weighing over five-and-a-half tons, allows the light from those 1,000 bulbs to shimmer across the entire space. Even the bolts – all 48,000 of them – have been made to order with a ‘snake eyes’ design and were individually hand-polished before being secured.

The sheer weight of the bolts alone meant a separate structural assessment had to be undertaken to ensure the floor plate could support the load. Any other restaurant owner would have settled for less, but compromise is not a word Shutov often uses.

Our Dernier & Hamlyn work for BradyWilliams was featured in Elite Traveler.