Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Images: Winch Media

When Winch Design was selected to design the bespoke interiors for the 67m M/Y Aurora Borealis, its award-winning team took inspiration from the skies above and the surrounding beautiful natural world. Soft, organic textures were chosen to complement her flowing interior spaces illuminated by custom art deco inspired lighting produced by bespoke lighting designer and manufacturer Dernier & Hamlyn.

Greig Jolly Associate at Winch Design who project managed her:

“We wanted to work with Dernier & Hamlyn because of their proven track record in creating bespoke lighting of the highest quality that perfectly complements our designs. Their technical ability is unrivalled and we only want to work with the best, to make our clients’ dreams come true.”

Requiring expert handling by specialist craftsmen and artisans, the lighting has been made using the most sumptuous materials including gold plated brass, shagreen leather, silk, alabaster and straw marquetry.

While beautiful to look at, much of the lighting for M/Y Aurora Borealis raised huge engineering challenges for our team to achieve the required aesthetic and lighting levels and also ensure it is sufficiently robustly fixed for seaworthiness, without any of the fixings being visible.

In the main saloon a pendant over 2m in diameter features three concentric circles hand-formed in metal with anegre grey wood veneers and metal elements finished in almond gold. LED lighting is softly dissipated through opal glass diffusers. Dernier & Hamlyn’s team dedicated significant time to developing this statement light fitting so that it met the exacting, and sometimes competing, visual and technical requirements.

In the main dining room, a three-ring pendant that seamlessly integrates an 8m fixing framework hangs majestically above the table. The external faces of the rings feature straw marquetry elements crafted by Bill Cleyndert, who also made bespoke furniture for Aurora Borealis. While the inner faces have been hand finished in a custom gold shade specified by Winch Design. So that no shadowing was caused by the LEDs each ring was also fitted with an internal acrylic ring.

The main entrance to this beautiful yacht demanded lighting that started to set the narrative for other spaces and Dernier & Hamlyn created a three ring pendant which again included straw marquetry from Bill Cleyndert but this time was finished with 22 carat moon gold leaf that was hand torn to deliver a uniquely luxurious texture.

In the upper sky lounge there is a 1.1m diameter round custom specified gold ceiling pendant that features 20 glass cylinders with internal ribbing detail to provide delicate refraction of the light. Dernier & Hamlyn crafted all metal elements and engineered invisible fixings and worked with a specialist glass supplier to develop this very unusual solution.

For the main saloon Dernier & Hamlyn also made four hand carved tapered alabaster table lamps atop which sit individually milled gold-plated solid brass sections. Handmade white silk shades complete the luxurious yet subtle additions to this beautiful space.

In the master bedroom there are two 1.7m floor lamps formed from gold plated brass wrapped in white Foglizzo shagreen leather to give a mottled visual effect and tactile texture with three custom made gold bands hand fixed to the lamps’ columns.