Lighting Restoration

At Dernier & Hamlyn, we do more than design and manufacture bespoke lighting. In recent years, we’ve developed an outstanding reputation for our work in restoring some of the most important and architecturally significant light fittings in palaces, cathedrals and other public buildings. Our skilled craftsmen are experts in refurbishing, renovating and repairing all sorts of light fittings, from the smallest wall lamps to chandeliers weighing several tonnes. If necessary we can bring heritage and vintage light fittings up to the latest electrical standards. The work is challenging and requires unique skills and an in-depth knowledge of historic lighting. Indeed, some of the techniques used have remained unchanged throughout the company’s history. At the same time, technology moves on. Today, we’re bringing historic fittings up-to-date to meet building standards or to incorporate energy-efficient emergency lighting – and at the same time adapting some really old fittings for electricity! Of course, relatively new fittings need to be repaired, refurbished and cleaned too. So, in modern hotels, restaurants, clubs and high-end homes, we’re experts in breathing new life into the damaged and tired. You can read about some of our refurbishment and restoration projects including our work for Quadrant 3, Derry Guildhall, Leeds Varieties theatre and Fortnum and Mason.